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Pioneer of "Folding type wrapping machine" wrapping round products into square shape.

Supply of 10,000 units self-explains functionally a high stability of the machine.

This model exceeding in capability of application for various kinds of products by exchanging parts is provided with built-in microcomputer unit originally developed by Kawashima for machine timing control and its operation is very easy.

Machine timings can be digitally and easily set.
Simple move of film feed bar and registration mark sensor allows accurate printed pattern mach of various kind of wrapping films.
Cut length of plain or continuously printed pattern film can be set in measured value(mm).
Film length, machine speed, count and synchro timing are indicated.
Occurrence of heater breakout, registration mark pass, film end or safety cover open allows the machine to stop and to indicate trouble location.


Operating speeds : 60 to 70 pcs./min.
Size range of products :

Round shape : Dia.40 to 90 x 8 to 35(H)mm

Square shape : 40 to 70 x 8 to 35(H)mm

Rectangular shape : 28 to 70(W) x 40 to 100(L) x 8 to 35(H)mm

(Note.1) : Some products having max dimensions in all the length, width and height at the same time will not be wrapped due to limited web size.

Also, in case of rectangular shaped products, the relations of width and length will depend upon the specifications.
Standard accessories :

No product no film run device, mark sensor, product sensor, temperature controller, point sealer, central lubrication, etc.
Packaging materials:

Heat seal cellophane, paper/PE, high grade white paper/PE, paper/alumi., alumi. Metalized paper(based on heat seal cellophane), KOP(20 to 30 micron), PE(30 to 35 micron), high density polyethylene, CPP, etc.

(Note.2) : Special conditions or specifications are required dependent on packaging materials.
Film roll O.D. : Within 280mm dia.(paper bobbin dia. 75mm)
Film dimensions : 100 to 190mm
Machine dimensions : 1,780(L) x 1,535(W) x 1,255(H)mm
Machine weight : About 530kg
Power consumption : Motor 200W, heater 400W, others approx. 200W
Options :

Date printer, double winding stand, jack-bolt, hour meter, automatic feeder


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