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Wrapping your universe.

The forests, the seas, the sky - in a delicate balance, nature envelops human life. The infinite heavens, in turn, envelop mother earth, who is integrally linked to the macrocosm. On another, but not dissimilar, realm, Kawashima packages products; products replete with our customer's limitless potential - each product a dynamic universe in itself. Kawashima sees the physical envelope for your product as part of a comprehensive packaging plan - aesthetically, sensitively, as we have for more than 85 years.

The Spirit

In essence, wrapping is charged with conveying shades of gratitude and admiration from the sender to the recipient. Packaging too, is an expression of the sender's spirit; it is designing the face that expresses the heart. In this spirit, Kawashima expresses a commitment to environmental symbiosis, by developing recyclable materials. Our approach to packaging is one that is an sensitive to human feelings as it is to nature. Our sincerity lies in wrapping your products, one by one, in the materials and form that best envelop the heart of the sender.

Kawashima was established in 1912 as manufacturers of confectionery machines. In 1951, after developing a machine for wrapping caramels, we spread out into the manufacturing of automated packaging equipment. We have since produced more than 35,000 machines in 350 different models, and installed over 1000 line systems, with which we have established our unshakable position as a top brand worldwide. Kawashima's reliability and performance wraps your universe in a big blanket of security.

The Trust

The Culture

Grasses, leaves, the bark of trees - the Japanese have long used the blessings of nature ingeniously in wrapping foods. With the development of the tea ceremony, the paper wrappings for tea confections were refined to an art. The "art of packaging" that the Japanese are renowned for worldwide is Kawashima's heritage; it is our culture. Kawashima combines traditional Japanese aesthetic sensibility and craftsmanship with a global perspective and the latest if technology; we are redefining the state of the art.

From consumer packaging machinery to line systems, then from transit packaging machinery to material handling equipment - Kawashima's strength in technical development has continually led the industry. Now, by integrating computer technology, we have moved into the realm of interfacing the production line with the packaging line. Production, packaging, distribution - with an accurate grasp of the stream from source to outflow and the macro environment surrounding it, we are able to create optimal systems. As total systems planners, Kawashima is ever pursuing new visions.

The Vision


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